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Title:Live chat increases sales and lead generation by at least 40%
Category:Business: Information Services
Description:With the advent of Live Chat service came a better understanding of what and when the customers are looking for. It also gave an insight as to what type of text based contact they prefer and so on. Live Chat is no longer confined to providing customer support, now it has expanded itself into more significant areas of lead generation and customer-relationship management. Live chat actually started as a 'call avoidance tool' that was used by many companies who thought it to be a cheaper alternate to have someone pick up the phone calls”. But in the last five years it has evolved as a major sales tool and this made companies realize its true value. Now it has become a convenient way of communicating with the prospective customers as well as existing and past customers. There is a major section of people who find these pop-up boxes for the text based communications better than any other mode. This preference for live chat comes not only from its efficiency but also from the fact that the identity of the customer is anonymous so they feel in-control and more confident. Also one can easily pause or opt-out of the chat without the usual obligations or an element of rudeness. Debi Wexler, a Houston-based jewelry site that uses live chat favors this real-time chat in his own way. According to him it not only serves to those who wish to shop anonymously but has also proven ideal for all those international customers who are more comfortable in writing English than speaking it. Roland Osborne, believes that live chat does not qualify as a conventional opt-in. So he emphasizes that as companies must handle follow-up messaging with utmost care. It is advisable that after starting a live chat, an email-id must be requested from the visitor. And frankly speaking there are high chances that the customers will happily provide their information once a human connect is formed. Osborne is of the opinion that a live chat agent carries the success of a business on his own shoulders, he provides a face to the company. Therefore it becomes highly crucial that they offer a friendly, well versed and well trained response to the customers. With a pro-active approach you can literally increase your lead conversions by almost three times. He believes that engaging right people at the right time is the key that can bring a lot of difference. Kyle West, a site that deals in auto parts, adds that as they deal with different cars and various other products they have to maintain a vast database and this brings queries from various type of people, some of these may also not be very well versed on the technical aspect.
Link Owner:Amanda Travis